Sticky™ Instructions

Wondering how to get the best out of your Sticky™? Here we present you the best way to enjoy your new holder by giving you instructions on how to properly use it.Start by confirming that the package you received contains all the items mentioned here. If the answer is yes, you can start!

1. Clean the flat surface where you want to place your Sticky™ removingdust and other residues. You can use a cloth with some alcohol.

2. Fix your Sticky™ in a place of your choice. It can be literally anywhere as long as it is a flat surface!We advise you to stick the holder as few times as possible so it does not lose its adherence.

3. Stick one of the yellow stickers on the back of your phone. This important accessory will prevent glue residues from the magnet on your mobile phone. Then, you can paste the magnet exactly on top of the sticker, as shown below.Please, note that if you have a case on your smartphone, the yellow sticker and the magnet should be stuck on it instead. If you charge your phone wirelessly, this also applies.

4. Confirm that the magnet is securely attached by pressing it for a few seconds to make sure that it has completely adhered to your smartphone. You can now stick your smartphone to Sticky™.

5. Now you can enjoy every car trip without losing sight of your smartphone!


Please, keep in mind that the safety of your driving depends on the attention you pay to the environment around you. The main function of Sticky™ is to assist you by helping you in viewing the GPS or any other activity that does not distract you from driving.