Our Story

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Welcome to Tulmox, where every single member of our team follows this motto.

Our goal is to make a small step every day towards a better world, and that's why we created this brand.

We want to make driving safer by decreasing the number of car accidents due to incorrect phone usage on the road.

Nowadays we take our phones everywhere and use them in every situation imaginable, from using it as a camera, to research a topic, to figure out where to buy that bottle of wine and to let mom now we are coming over for lunch. But the thing is we keep using our phones even when we drive...

That can be a dangerous recipe, but it's just so convenient to use our phones as a GPS or as a Music player and who doesn't answer calls in the car? That's why cars nowadays have Bluetooth so we don't need to pick up the phone to answer that call.

Even our apps have driving modes... Spotify and Google Maps completely change their UI when you are connected to your car, and that's when we saw the issue here...

Where are you supposed to place your phone inside the car??? Apps are made for driving but cars don't have a place for you to easily and safely use your phone.. why??? This leads to people having to look down at their laps or center consoles to see the GPS directions our phones give us or even worse driving with the phone in our hands.

We believe this is unacceptable and that having a proper mount/ holder to place our phone in the car is not only super useful but far safer!

FINALLY, Tulmox came to life and our customers love it.

Our mission is to spread it to the world and ultimately that every car has one of these stuck to a vent so people don't risk their lives with unsafe phone usage.

We hope you agree with us on this matter and that you join our customer list as we pass the 15.000 customer mark.

Thanks for your trust in us.



Founder and CEO