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Yes, both work perfectly with phone cases. Our phone holders have one of the strongest magnets installed that allows to use a smartphone with a case safely and securely.

There are two thin metal plates included with both Magno™ and Sticky™. Stick one of them inside your phone case or outside your phone if you don’t have a case. You can use the other plate whenever the first is worn out.

No, it won't.
There will be no residue left behind and you can stick the mount again after you have washed the glue part under the water and let it dry completely.

The short answer is no.
The idea stems from old gadgets like televisions, when much of the data was stored magnetically, using tiny bits of iron. However, with all the latest technological advancements, the truth is magnets won’t interfere with your smartphone.

Magno™ was designed to work specifically in horizontal vents. If your car has another type of vents, you should go for our Sticky™.

Yes! Sticky™ was designed to work in all cars (in flat surfaces).

If you charge your phone wirelessly, you should stick the metal plate at the very top of the phone to allow the wireless charging function to work.


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