AntiRain Film

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If you drive a car you absolutely NEED this.
The Federal Highway Administration reported that 22% of car accidents occur due to poor visibility during bad weather!
That's why Tulmox developed this Hydrophobic car film!
It repels every single drop of rain from your rear-view mirrors so you can drive with 100% VISIBILITY.
Clear sight = Safer Driving
  • Nano hydrophobic technology. Get a clear view while driving in bad weather
  • Supports all mirrors
  • Protect your wing mirror from unwanted scratches, smears, dust, and dirt.
  • Anti-fog, Anti-mist, Waterproof, Rainproof

  1. Clean the mirror to make sure there is no dust
  2. Spray some water evenly on the mirror
  3. Tear off the transparent layer with tag No.1, spray some water on the film surface, stick it to the mirror
  4. Adjust it to the proper position
  5. Scrape the water, air bubbles, and moisture with a small scraper or card
  6. Finally, remove the blue protective film with tab No.2
 Drive Safer! Keep your Rear-View Mirrors clear all the time.

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